Remote Work Assessment

Hire, Develop, and Lead a Successful Remote Workforce

PSI’s remote worker assessment tools are built on decades of proven science and years of experience working with organizations around the world to build and optimize their remote workforces.

By measuring the competencies most tied to success in a remote work environment, our tools are able to predict performance and provide personalized guidance for hiring, coaching, and employee development throughout the entire talent life cycle.

Take a Closer Look at Our Remote Work Assessment Suite

Hiring Remote Employees

  • Remote Worker Selection Report
  • Personalized Interview Guide

Developing Remote Teams

  • Individual Development Guide
  • Manager Coaching Guide

Managing Remote Workers

  • Remote Manager Development Report
  • Remote Team Analytics

Hire Top Talent That’s Best Fit For Offsite Success

Make better, more efficient hiring decisions for remote job roles. Our Remote Worker Selection Reports provide insights related to each of the competencies for success, as well as an overall fit recommendation.

  • Snapshot of Remote Worker Competency Profile
  • Overall Remote Worker Fit Recommendation
  • Score for Each Remote Worker Competency
  • Optional Competency-Based Interview Guide

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Leverage Personalized Competency-Based Interview Guides

Based up on an individual’s assessment scores, our reports suggest tailored interview probes for each competency. Make your job interviews more engaging for candidates and gain deeper insights into your key focus areas for hiring.

Provide Valuable Individualized Employee Development

Help employees build awareness of their strengths and development gaps when it comes to working in a remote environment. Our participant reports and individual development guides are powerful tools for engaging employees and providing actionable recommendations for improvement.

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Coach Employees to Close Competency Development Gaps

Show your employees that you’re invested in their professional development by providing personalized coaching. Our coaching guides and reports for remote managers provide you with deep insights and action steps to engage your team in meaningful mentoring programs.

  • Remote Employee Competency Profile Overview
  • Summary of Key Findings
  • Coaching Questions
  • Manager Recommendations
  • Potential Strengths and Challenges

Hire and Develop Strong Remote Managers and Team Leaders

Just as not all employees are naturally a good fit to work away from the office, some managers may need to focus on developing certain skills in order to lead effectively and maintain productivity in a remote environment. Our Remote Manager Assessment Tools are designed to help guide your candidate selection decisions and development initiatives for line managers.

  • Remote Manager Selection Reports
  • Remote Manager Individual Development Guides

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Identify Group Trends with Team Analytics

How do you determine which groups can or should work remotely? Which teams may actually be more productive in a remote environment than an office setting? Our award-winning analytics platform provides powerful real-time insights to drive your most important talent management decisions.