Getting Started

Ready to build and launch your talent measurement program? The SHRM Talent Assessment Center is your complete online solution to browse, purchase, assign and report on talent assessments.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Register for a SHRM Talent Assessment Center Account

Follow this link to complete our registration form. There are several account and administrator qualification levels designated for the SHRM Talent Assessment Center based on your professional credentials. Learn more about our administrator qualification levels here. Please also consult our privacy policy and licensing agreement.

  • Browse & Purchase Tests

    The SHRM Talent Assessment Center is home to hundreds of best-in-class assessments from over 50 of the industry’s most respected test publishers. Once your administrator account is approved, you will be able to log in and browse the full catalog of assessment choices and pricing available to you. You can see a sample of some of the assessments available in the SHRM Talent Assessment Center by clicking here.

  • Administer & Assign Tests

    Your purchased tests are immediately made available as inventory in your SHRM Talent Assessment Center Workspace. Simply assign them out to your candidates or employees either as single tests or as part of multi-step test batteries, and our automated system will send your test-takers instructional email alerts guiding them through the process, requiring no human interaction from your administrative team.

  • Get Test Results

    Once a candidate completes their assigned test, the results are immediately made available in your SHRM Talent Assessment Center Workspace. You also have the option to set up email alerts to notify you when new test results are available. The completed test reports will include test results as well as timestamps. You have the ability to download all test reports, as well as build custom reports for exporting aggregate data on multiple candidates or tests.

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